What is Mobile Marketing?


Simply put, we could call the Mobile Marketing as marketing done on mobile devices, especially smartphones.

But due to the weight of smartphones, the only of these features and what they already know us, the Mobile Marketing category emerges as one that requires a different approach and strategies.


Tips to impact your tourist Mobile Marketing


Mobile Marketing Why is it so important tourist Mobile Marketing your company?

Useful Tools For Guides And Travelers With Mobile Devices

We can catalog the experiences of mobile marketing into two “old acquaintances” for us:

SoLoMo – Social, Local and Mobile
Context and Convenience
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The mobile is a purely social device, connects us with our friends and family through social networks, instant messaging and yes, sometimes even phoned.

Although social networks were born at the dawn of Web 2.0 (Facebook in 2004) and before the current mobile revolution are purely mobile product.

73% of money making now Facebook for advertising comes directly from mobile devices, with 84% users who visit Facebook from your mobile.

Context and convenience

Mobile era brings other things or marketing challenges, as was the context. Context marketing is to give right content to the right audience, at the right time.

Example… If we are a hotel, we can from:

Send a message 24 hours in advance booking remembering our client
Enviable your room number (if you already know)

tourist mobile marketing

tourist mobile marketing

Time will tell what room to spare, what things not to be missed, possible problems or complications of traffic (and how to solve them through Google Maps and integrate our app with Google Now) or where to park
“Offer” virtual checkbook with coupons to use in our hotel or establishments with which we have agreements.

Tips and tricks for your mobile marketing

a) Marketing mobile navigation

Yes, the mobile web matters. And a lot. If about a 50% of navigation and comes directly from smartphones. It is true that where more limited we are to create a seamless mobile experience is in our “traditional” campaigns browser. But still, there are many things we can do:

Location; You can create campaigns in Google Adwords, apart from appearing as the keywords of our choice, appear in a particular location
Provide context to ad
Harnessing the channel; We speak to use Facebook, such as a social CRM. We have a practically perfect segmentation profiles, geographic, tastes and interests and even locations. Combine this with re-targeting, we have the ideal combination!
Customizing the message; personalize the message meets a specific need and impacts several times
B) Marketing our mobile application

This is where most marketing possibilities if you have good management tools (back-end of the app and / or integration with CRM)

1 – Push Notifications

Send push notifications setting triggers like these:

By location. When someone enters or leaves a specific geographical area
When you have special offers (do you have contacts identified as “prominences”?)
When you have a visit, shows the way to your app through integration with Google Maps
2 – Alerts

When we lower the price (of a room or product with any restrictions or limitations)
Create some sort of event to which the user can subscribe
Promotions, discounts or opportunities you have closed your partners
If you have a loyalty scheme, use your app to keep in touch and tell your client points, gifts and benefits
3 – Access products and services through mobile payments

Besides Apple and Google Pay Pay, there are solutions on the market to have your own virtual wallet as a white label. Especially useful if you have recurring customers and offer differential experiences through the app.

You can also create new business models: For example, in the case of a hotel, you may send a push notification to all current customers with full board but do not have an all inclusive (trigger), in order to make the upgrade an irresistible offer that only lasts today.

4 – Special and unique Content

Create content only to the user experience of your application. In fact, make that content accessible through a code that is only available, for example, in your establishment.

Having this content accessible to a few will make those customers feel special, and they alone, and because they have access to it. You are creating interest and experience shortages.

The True Traffic Powers Of Mobile Marketing

Given the sales statistics of mobile phones over the past 5 years, this industry is growing at an alarming rate that averages out at 20 percent per year.

With the advent of Short Messaging Services, or SMS, in 1992, marketing experts took their activity to a whole new level.

Mobile marketing had become a reality to a whole new genre of marketing mobile phone marketing. It literally took the mobile world by storm by the year 2004.

Needless to say, an advertisement can get the best results when placed in the hands of a potential customer.

This is exactly what SMS marketers do.

They have lists of tens of thousands of subscribers that will relate to a particular product or demographic location.

They send out client’s advertisements to these highly targeted people.

With a hit rate of over 10 percent through this highly targeted marketing strategy, the costs of mobile marketing can be easily overlooked costs that are down-to-earth anyway.